Course details

【Premium drinking attachment】 Total of 10 items including "baked", "mokigo", and Awaji beef "East Gate Limited Course" 5500 yen ⇒ 5000 yen

5000 Yen

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, holiday, the day before the holiday will be 5500 yen.

  • 10items
  • 240persons
All-you-can-drink available

It becomes last order 1 hour and 30 minutes system.More than 25 kinds of sake prepared!

Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

Dongmen Limited Course! Use garlic specialty baked not only Ginba specialty food but also luxurious ingredients such as Awaji beef!

Course menu

■ appetizer three Assorted

■ Broil 4 kinds of roast platter

■ Raw chicken ham and cream cheese raw spring roll

■ Baking of baked chicken thigh meat

■ Grilled porcupine with Miso

■ Charcoal grilling of Awaji beef

■ Tempura of the season

Deep-fried chicken wings

■ cooked rice

■ dessert

※ 25 kinds of Japanese sake

※ Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays and when it is full, it is a two-hour system.

------- ◆ Reason why the Ginpachi Dongmen shop is selected for banquet ◆ -------

[1] morning argument Awaji Awaji chicken chicken ... Ginhachi is, in the refrigerator after the arrival zero degrees set in shops,

Within 11 hours from the strangle After temperature aging we offer to our customers of the original.

You can taste the chicken a real sweet, crunchy, texture

【2】 All you can drink more than 25 kinds of sake ... 25 or more kinds of delicious Japanese sake nationwide are always available at all times.All-you-can-drink of course also be included.

【3】 Rejuvenating digg ... The relaxing digging tatami is available for various scenes.

【4】 Exquisite water cook ... Because it is a delicious chicken, a delicious dashi is served ... It is a delicious dish so you can make a delicious hot pot.

Cooked with white cloudy soup made with Awaji chicken chicken straw for 8 hours.Enjoy rich soup

All-you-can-drink menu

·draft beer
High ball, Cork highball
- Zhuhai
Lemon, plane, lime, Calpis
· · · 【Tohoku】 Mutsu Musayu super hot rice (Aomori) / Bakuren ginjyo (Yamagata) / Sharaku jun rice (Fukushima) / 【Kanto】 Iwao Junma (Gunma) / Sagami Nada jun rice (Kanagawa) 【Kinki】 Kosuga cement Rice (Hyogo) / Wind of the Forest Junmai Daiginjo (Nara) / Nanono Junmai (Shiga) / Aka Jun Rin Ginjo (Osaka) 【China】 Toyo Beauty Junmai Ginjo (Yamaguchi) / Omakease NINE Net Rice (Okayama ) / First generation Yayama Jun Rin Ginsei (Hiroshima)
· · 【【Hokuriku】 Koshiro Ume America Ginjo (Niigata) / Bra and Kishira Jun Rin Ginjo (Fukui) / Kita snow raw sake (Niigata) 【Chubu】 Yoshikuni Rice (Aichi) / Tomoka Junmai rice wine (Nagano) 【Shikoku】 Miyoshi chrysanthemum filtering raw sake (Tokushima) / Chiyo's tortoise Junmai Ginjo (Ehime) / Kujun Junmai (Kochi) 【Kyushu】 Tenbuki Junpei Ginjo (Saga)
- Wheat, potato
·Fruit wine
Plum, peach, citron
Cassis orange, black currant soda
·house wine
·Soft drink
- Oolong tea, orange, cola, Calpis Water
· ★ Premium All-you-can-drink
· · 【China】 Festival Festival 30% 9 minutes (Yamaguchi) 【Tohoku】 Tanaka (Aomori) / Kudoki skill (Yamagata) 【Hokuriku / Kubota Hiroshi (Niigata) / Shipper sake (Niigata) 【Kinki】 Saijo Tsuru (Hiroshima) / City Beautiful (Hyogo)

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